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A diaperfur/babyfur themed text adventure/rpg game I’m working on, you play it by typing in Lisp functions, similar to those text adventure games you play by typing in commands, but in Lisp form

Right now, most of the core of the game is done, but is missing a lot of content, and I might need help thinking up content for the game.

So far this has only been tested on Linux and Windows 10, but should be portable enough. I got it to successfully run in SBCL, CCL, and ECL, but I couldn’t generate a working image in ECL yet.

Install Instructions

for Linux users

I’ve added a flatpak repo for Linux users, you can add it with

flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists yadfa https://gitlab.com/pouar/yadfa/raw/master/flatpak/yadfa.flatpakrepo

then install the game with

flatpak install yadfa net.pouar.yadfa

you can update the game with (it will also be updated when you run flatpak update which updates all packages installed with flatpak)

flatpak update net.pouar.yadfa

you can uninstall the game with

flatpak uninstall net.pouar.yadfa

for Windows users

I’ve also added a chocolatey repo for Windows users. You can add the repo from PowerShell with

choco source add -n yadfa -s https://api.bintray.com/nuget/pouar/yadfa-chocolatey

then install the game with

choco install yadfa

you can upgrade the game with (it will also be upgraded when you run choco upgrade all which upgrades all applications installed with chocolatey)

choco upgrade yadfa

or uninstall it with

choco uninstall yadfa

if you no longer need the X Server after uninstalling

choco uninstall vcxsrv

I use Declt to generate the autogenerated docs, which only works in SBCL, which seems to crash in Windows. Until I can get this working again, you can download the docs here which is generated by the Linux builds



My Site: https://cgit.pouar.net/yadfa.git

GitHub: https://github.com/pouar/yadfa

GitLab: https://gitlab.com/pouar/yadfa

GitGud: https://gitgud.io/pouar/yadfa