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authorGravatar Pouar <pouar@pouar.net>2020-09-13 16:58:35 -0500
committerGravatar Pouar <pouar@pouar.net>2020-09-13 16:58:35 -0500
commit5e19270cf3ed194675210f2d358301878e078eb7 (patch)
parentrefactor a bunch of stuff into mixins (diff)
add missing methods
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diff --git a/core/libexec/generic-functions.lisp b/core/libexec/generic-functions.lisp
index 64aa467..0c450ca 100644
--- a/core/libexec/generic-functions.lisp
+++ b/core/libexec/generic-functions.lisp
@@ -131,6 +131,8 @@
(:method ((element zone)) (resolve-team-npc-spawn-list (team-npc-spawn-list-of element))))
(defgeneric attack (target user attack)
(:documentation #.(f:fmt nil "Method run when attacking. @var{ATTACK} is @code{NIL} when it is the default attack without any weapons. is an instance of " (ref move :class) " when it is an attack using a move and is an instance of " (ref item :class) " when that instance is being used as a weapon"))
+ (:method ((target base-character) (user base-character) (attack move)))
+ (:method ((target base-character) (user base-character) (attack item)))
(:method :before ((target base-character) (user base-character) (attack damage-move))
(decf (health-of target) (calculate-damage target user attack)))
(:method :around ((target base-character) (user base-character) (item weapon))